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Molecular mixology is the practice of mixing drinks using science to manipulate ingredients on the molecular level. It was inspired by molecular gastronomy (a phrase coined around 1988), which employs similar techniques with food.

Popular techniques of molecular mixology include the use of foams, liquid nitrogen, gels, mists, heat, solidifying liquids, and much more. Many bartenders and establishments throughout the world featured or specialized in molecular mixology, just as restaurants specialized in molecular gastronomy.

Science of Laboratory Mixology Cocktail

Mixing the right amount of alcohol with the right amount of refresher to make it taste delicious is one thing – but making sure it tastes good without losing the zest of the alcohol is definitely something the Einstein’s of bartending cooked up very carefully. While one may believe that making a drink being an easy task for the bartender, mixology requires genuine chemistry of components to feed out innovative and Creation excellent cocktails. A good Mix is the behind the scenes of a good cocktail. Mixology is generally accepted as a refined and in-depth study of the art and craft of mixing drinks. Think of it as the study of the chemistry of drinks, and the mixologist as the professional who studies that. A mixologist is just like a chef but for drinks and not for food. The science of mixology mainly lies behind two major aspects – the blend of flavors and your glassware. Mixology requires particular attention to detail, and knowledge of your day-to-day ingredient

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